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Nemtek products supplied with a 2 year warranty

Electric Fence Systems

The Electric Fence Guys are fully qualified and certified. We take great pride in our compliant electric fence system installations, hence our name. We believe that finishing is everything. We do not make use of unsightly wrapping of wires, but prefer to use ferrules to secure our wiring and HT cabling. We also use bridging wires as loops to complete the circuit. We believe that the level of security achieved is directly affected by the choice of bracket and therefore recommend using square tube wall top brackets. We only use Nemtek energisers and products as they are compliant and conform to the standards set out by the IEC 60355-2-76, CISPR 14 and EN 6100.


Eina Ivy

Secure your home or business with the beauty of EINA IVY - the unique, patented wall spike. These razor sharp spikes are capable of withstanding our harsh South African climate. The spikes are extremely effective, camouflaged and can be fitted to walls, fences and gates and are suitable for both domestic and commercial use. They are also very pleasing to the eye. The Eina Ivy spike comprises of 4mm galvanised razor sharp fingers, twisted over a 1.5m length to simulate branches and twigs.

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